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Many ways to get help

Gambling affects many people in many different ways. That's why there are many different ways to get help. Find the support that's right for you.

Telephone Support

Talk to someone
You can call Beat The Odds for free, confidential information, advice and counselling.
Call 029 2049 3898

Face to Face

Meet a counsellor
Beat The Odds offer face-to-face counselling either on a one-off basis or ongoing.
Call 029 2049 3898

Financial Help

Free financial advice
Get help with your finances Financial counsellors can give you confidential advice and help you sort out your financial problems.
Call 029 2030 2101

Family Support

Concerned about a loved one?
If someone else’s gambling is affecting you, we offer free,
confidential information, advice and support. Or you can attend counselling with your partner or family.
Call 029 2049 3898

Peer Support

Talk to people like you
We can help you find support from other people going through the same problems, either in a group setting or one on one.
Call 029 2049 3898

Online Support

Get help online
Self-help tool or email with a counsellor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Self Help Advice

Tools to help yourself
Self help tools can help you build confidence and work through your issues in your own time, at your own pace.

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