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There is a Way out

There is a way to Beat the Odds, here are some useful hints and suggestions to help you:

  • Evidence suggests that counselling is shown to be more effective the higher the commitment to attend weekly
  • Be open and honest about your gambling thoughts and feelings and your developing relationship with your counsellor
  • If you are concerned that you may give in to gambling urges it is possible to exclude yourself from the venue where you gamble. You can do this if you gamble on line too
  • Talk to your Living Room Cardiff Counsellor about this option and they can explain further how to do this and help you explore what it might mean to you
  • Make sure that you do not have access to money that you may be tempted to gamble with. Perhaps someone you trust would look after your finances for you for a while. Perhaps you could talk to your bank about reducing the amount of money you can withdraw at any one time
  • Debt pressure often increases the urge to gamble. Living Room Cardiff does not offer debt advice, but your counsellor at the Centre can suggest agencies that could help you with this
  • Change your current routine. This can be helpful if you have been gambling at the same time each day or week. It can help if you find yourself missing gambling at times

  • Remember, that taking away your ability to gamble will not necessarily take away the urges to gamble – that takes time
  • Keeping busy for the first few weeks of becoming gambling free is often helpful to ease urges. You may find that you don’t do anything as interesting as gambling for a time, so you need to encourage yourself to try new things or do some of the things you use to do before gambling took up so much of your time
  • Remember to be kind to yourself. If you are struggling with urges to gamble or have uncomfortable thoughts or feelings when not gambling, what may help you to distract you or comfort yourself through those times?
  • It is normal to experience urges to gamble, even if you very much want to stop gambling completely. Your Living Room Cardiff Counsellor will understand this. It can help to use the time you have with them in your counselling sessions to talk openly about these mixed feelings
  • Being active, playing sports can give a boost to feelings of increased wellbeing and satisfaction, especially in the initial stages of becoming gambling free. Exercise stimulates the receptors in the brain

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