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What is responsible gambling?

Today, you can bet anywhere, anytime on just about anything.

With opportunities to gamble increasing and advertising enticing us to gamble more frequently, spreading the word about how to gamble safely is becoming more important than ever.

For us, responsible gambling is about both the individual gambler and the wider community.

Responsible gambling for individuals means:

  • they may gamble for pleasure and entertainment but are aware of their likelihood of losing and understand the associated risks,
  • they exercise control over their gambling activity, and
  • responsible gambling occurs in balance with other activities in their lives and is not causing problems or harm for themselves or others.
Responsible gambling for the broader community, including gambling providers, governments, and sporting associations, requires:
  • shared responsibility for generating awareness of the risks associated with gambling,
  • creating and promoting environments that prevent or minimise excessive gambling,
  • and being responsive to community concerns around gambling.

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