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Free financial help

Many people who are having problems with gambling have financial troubles.

Their troubles can prompt them to gamble more to try to win back their losses or can lead to feelings of hopelessness leading to more gambling.

People affected by someone else's gambling may also find themselves under considerable financial stress.

Financial counsellors can help by providing information and support, advice about government concessions and entitlements, and information about where to get food vouchers and other forms of assistance.

The counsellors at Beat the Odds are fully qualified and have significant experience.

You can see a Beat the Odds financial counsellor with or without also seeing a therapeutic counsellor.

They can help you:

  • negotiate formal debt agreements and talk to creditors
  • manage any debts occurring in your name, and help you to pay your bills
  • legally protect your joint assets, such as your house
  • put measures in place so you are not held responsible for any further debt incurred by a partner or family member with a gambling problem
  • check whether you are entitled to any concessions and entitlements and provide information on where to obtain food vouchers and other types of assistance
    access legal assistance
  • separate your finances to reduce risk, for example, to help you to:
    - arrange separate bank accounts
    - cancel joint credit cards
    - pay bills automatically out of an account that only a non-gambler has access to
  • access therapeutic gambling counselling if and when you want it.
Financial counsellors cannot:
  • make any decisions on your behalf
  • organise a debt consolidation loan
  • provide investment or non-financial advice.

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