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Face-to-Face Counselling

If you want to talk to someone, face to face call 029 2049 3898 to arrange a one-to-one counselling session. The service is professional, confidential and free.

Beat the Odds is a free and confidential excessive gambling support service for Wales.

It offers support, advice and information to people affected by gambling (both gamblers and non-gamblers) and to the broader community. This can include:

  • therapeutic gambling counselling to help you understand how gambling is affecting you – for individuals (either gamblers or people affected by someone else's gambling) or for couples
  • financial counselling to help you sort our your finances, which may have been affected by gambling.

What is involved in face-to-face gambling counselling?
Face-to-face counselling sessions usually take place in a counsellor's office or they can also be over the phone. You can meet with a professionally trained counsellor for a one-off session or for ongoing support.

Gambling counselling offers you support and strategies to make changes and help you take back control of your life. Counselling allows you to talk about the impact of gambling on your life in a safe, confidential, and non-threatening environment.

Gambling counselling offers:

  • professional, confidential and free counselling, face-to-face or by telephone
  • some after-hours appointments
  • gambling, relationship, financial and group counselling
  • support for individuals, couples, families and groups, including people affected by someone else's gambling
  • a non-judgemental and safe environment
  • referral to other agencies where appropriate
  • culturally appropriate assistance
  • support as you move through a process of change.

Counselling can be individual, couple, family or group-based. Goals are worked out with you. You decide whether to stop or reduce your gambling and any other issues you might want to address.

Financial counselling
Many people who are having problems with gambling have financial troubles. Beat the Odds counsellors can organise financial counselling to help you manage financial problems so they don't threaten your recovery. You can also see a Beat the Odds financial counsellor without seeing a therapeutic counsellor, if you prefer.

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